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  Barack Obama Music Video  


"Love the video and the energy. Makes me want to .... UNITE!"

"Yeah! Open the door! All I can say is, that if Obama has influenced these people enough to get them to dedicate so much time and energy into making this music video, then there must be something to the guy. Go Obama!"

"Thank you for the inspiration for change — and the hard, attentive work it needs. And thanks for finding all of those beautiful New Mexicans, dancing and singing, carried along by your own inspiration. Go Obama! Go American voters!!!"

"Thanks to everyone for vision, commitment, follow-through — qualities I want in my next President, too. Thank you Santa Feans for your spirit and presence!

"This is so awesome. I love the spirit of New Mexico that comes out in every second of this video. Who could not vote for a candidate who inspires people in this way?! Great job! Great fun!"

"Your vision brought to bear an extraordinary video which embodies, captivates, and conveys Senator's Obama's vision for this country. I feel honored to have been a part of such a marvelous, inspirational project. Go Obama!"

"Beautiful video. The message is strong and the visuals reflect our diversity. Open the door!"

"Susan's work has a way of reaching into the heart and stirring it up. Her new music video 'Choose to Unite' motivates and inspires the best in us just as her photographic work has inspired us through the years. I find myself singing the song and watching the film to tap into the joy I look for in my life. The total visual and especially peoples' faces have made a very positive imprint in mind and heart. Isn't it wonderful to see the joy in these friends expressing 'unite politics' rather than the 'politics as usual' look of most? Thank you, Susan, for your vision, hard work and that of 'the cast of thousands' there in Santa Fe!!"

"One great, strong, unselfish soul in every community could actually redeem the world." ~Elbert Hubbard   This project and the commitment that went into it exemplifies this quote. Thank YOU EVERY ONE!!! I can't stop watching it....I get goosebumps every time!!!"

"LOVED this creation! Cried, laughed, got chillbumps from head to toe, and I was electrified! Totally enthralled by the way it incorporates ALL THE BEST of our President Obama! GOBAMA YES, WE CAN!"

"Your video expresses the possibiliies for the USA to get back in tune with our country's highest ideals with the leadership of Barack Obama. The lyrics bring the needed tempo of change our country needs. Our country with a new Democratic president will again realize the respect and appreciation of the
world and it's peoples."

"Congratulations to all involved in this project, especially visionary artist Susan Slotter...in keeping with the spirit of the Obama campaign, she took on a seemingly impossible task and, armed only with vision, passion and dogged determination, created a thing of beauty...it's the real rainbow coalition in action!"

"This is an extraordinary and beautiful manifestation of your prayer for our country and specific intention to make both an immediate and lasting difference for all of us. The video has inspired me in new ways. Congratulations!"

"Thank You — this is fabulous tune and video. Just the infusion of hope needed as the barracudas attack. We maintain our faith in a better tomorrow with Barack Obama as 44th president of the USA. Indeed, we have a choice —vote for change or not! Each one reach one and victory is ours and America's. We reclaim the greatness of America this time. We elect a president who cares about our communities and schools and veterans. Volunteer4Obama — 60 days til election! Go Obama/Biden! Yes we can!"

"This video is truly inspiring & reflects such a positive vision of Obama people 'loving the USA,' always the patriotic territory poached by Republicans. Watching McCain trash Obama's patriotism, coupled now with his campaign's assertion that 'this campaign will be about personalities, not issues' is scary beyond description. Now we can add in the frightful, extreme beliefs of his VP choice to see that unless we elect Barack Obama, McSame will take our country down the road to ruin."

"Enjoyed the video very much. I appreciated the different approach – not at all the typical campaign video! It does indeed speak to the heart of what this is supposed to be about — really leveraging the diversity and abilities of all of us to bring this country out of our global slump."

"This video is a treasure! Thank you for following your heart and creative inspiration to bring it into being. It appears in perfect timing. It has a clear strong message that touches the places of spirit between and among us in love and mutual caring."

"What a beautiful video — the people, the music, the thoughts, the
heart. Thank you. I have been working at Obama headquarters and it has been so inspiring. So much light, love, and positivity. People are walking in the door in droves with so much determination and inspiration."

"Thank you so much for all the beatuiful inspiration in the ChooseToUnite website. The video and song are expressions of Spirit carrying the wave of this great change for the 'Goodness of All Life, for All People' —which is the Obama message. The 'Choose To Unite' song is not only a campaign song, but one of universal support for the birth of our new world."

"What a wonderful piece. What a great unifying video. Let's go for it – Obama represents us all. Let's pray for God's protection, wisdom and love."

"Beautiful. I've watched and listened to many of the Obama songs and this is one of the best. Was moved to tears. Thanks to all who participated in this moving musical message."