Barack Obama Music Video  


Choose to Unite

Conceived, Directed and Produced by

Lyrics: Susan Slotter

Song Arranged, Performed, Recorded & Engineered by

With Madi Sato, Female Vocals &
Brant Leeper, Keyboards

Videographed and edited by


“By the People, For the People”

“Choose to Unite” was made through an extraordinary independent grassroots community effort, start to finish in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the historic city of  “Holy Faith.” The project started through one woman, with words that came through for a song with a vision: to bring positive energy and focus on values into the presidential campaign, through the synergistic power of music and image.  With no experience in arranging, recording or producing a song, nor in producing a music video, she embarked to see who would be inspired to join the cause and bring a vision with no budget into reality, within the time frame of an approaching election.

These circumstances dictated a dual strategy of “perseverance” and  “surrender and follow each next step as it presents itself.”  The name Barack comes from the Arabic word for “blessing,” or “blessed,” and clearly this project was.  Each perfect person stepped in to offer precisely the next resource needed to keep the process rolling towards its goal, as a wave moves steadily toward the shore.

An ocean of gratitude and acknowledgement is offered to the souls who generously contributed their time and talent on a pro bono basis to this cause.  Each person truly paved the way for the next to take the baton and continue the race.

Contributors are listed in “order of appearance” along the 5-month timeline of the Journey.



Film Consultant
Alton Walpole
(and thank you for the gift of the hat from your 1992 film Baraka!)


Production Consultant
Steve Zeifman


Lyrics Editor
Heather Gaudet


First Music Demo

Aunt Claire:  Nancy Gray, Virginia Gilstrap, Nina Hart, Linda Pedelty
Rap Artist:  Robert Stewart
College of Santa Fe Contemporary Music Program: Paul Brown
College of Santa Fe - Recording Engineer: Kabby Kabakoff
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Craig Neil


Music Consultants
Ron Sunsinger
Bill Boaz
Vanessa Morgan

Michael Stearns
Jeff Sussman
Andy Smith


Inspiration of Song“Change the World through Music” & band member, Tone & Co.
Tiho Dimitrov

Theatrical read of lyrics & band leader, Tone & Co.
Tone Forrest

Singer, Songwriter, Producer & band member, Tone & Co.
Eric George

Brant Leeper

Female Vocals
Madi Sato

Engineering Consultant & Studio
Fourth World Recording Studio- Bill Boaz



Dedicated Focus Group/Soul Allies for Song & Vision
Jane Dill
Charlene Geiss
Lynda Leonard
Margaret Nathe

Media Consultant
Jane Dill

Spiritual Direction
Anne Noss

Holistic Support
Scher Center for Well Being
- Dr. Judy Scher, D.C.



Grant Taylor


Crowd Event 2nd Camera
Bob Demboski


Running Horses Video Clip
Sean Sauber


Still Photographs

Susan Slotter


Steve Walenta



O-Bama Toddler
Alexandra Ladd & Theodore Graeser

African Dance

African Dance Troupe Leader/ Railyard Performance Center
Elise Gent

Leia Barnett
Magi Billington
Wyetta Bradley
Nicole Cassidy
Susan Guevara
Har Hari
Naja Harrell
Theresa Yantosca
Talia Willis
Karina Wilson

Sam Craig
Hunter Gent
Jim Goulden
George Hopkins
Ramon Lovato
Andrew Tumis


“Crowd Event”

Creative & Production Consultant
Dariush Esfandi

Production Assistant
Wyetta Bradley

Coad Miller


2nd Camera
Bob Demboski


Catering – Breakfast
Tesuque MarketMichael Stein & Peter Martin

Catering – Lunch
La BocaManuel Suarez

Black Seamless Paper for Set
Santa Fe Camera Center
Mac Read



Enthusiastic People in the Obama Crowds

Denise, Ron, Elijah & Lilllawah Andes
Yasmine Amid Moss
Michela Aveta, James Tomarelli & Jesse
Diego Benavidez
Wyetta Bradley
Debbie, Allison & Ashley Brown
Mary Lou Cook
Ayesha Dallah
Dariush Esfandi
Himat Dayvault
Donald & Alex Dean
Lane DeLatin
Jane Dill
Tiho & Laura Dimitrov
Hyda Maria Dougherty
Jim & Suan Eakins
Sara Eiker
Lorri Espinosa
Tone Forrest
Sonda & Amber Frank
Seth Friedman & dog Milo
Anne & Reese Fullerton
Marc & Cassidy Gebhart
Bruce Geiss
Teresa & Autumn Gomez
Viridiana Gomez & Elizabeth Shelton

Debra Haaland
Danielle Haynes
Linda Hummingbird
Naishing Key
Alice Laramore
Denise & Olivia Lee
Teresa, Luis, Alisandro, Abelino & Dario Fernandez Leger
Edwin & Francsca Lemus
Lynda Leonard
Lois Lipman
Fredrick Lopez
Dick Markwood & Martha Romero
Charles Marlatt
Kate Mitchell & Lily & Ethan Earnest
Theresa Morris
Margaret Nathe
Ahmed, Mima & Salime Obo
Sharon O’Bryen
Aaron, Tali & Sachi Payne
Gaye & Harry Pollitt
Yvette& Dakota Powell
Sally & Samira Saisa
Lee Schmidt
Wali & Maya Shakur
Pete Sheehey
Doug, Debra, Marin & Zoe Sieck
Mirabel Simpson
Abudujannah Soud
Zara Southard & Malia Kante
Linda Spackman
Manuel Suarez
Linda & Fabian Trujillo
Martin Ward
Anna Weston
Paul Yen
Susan Young


Enthusiastic Tourists on Park Bench
Jack Armstrong
Sue Connors
Danette Potochick
Jim Potochick
Vicki Van Hook


Native American Ritual
Edwin Lemus


Filming Location for Music Recording Studio
IronThorn ProductionsAlberto Romero


Trumpet Theme
William Taylor